Installation and Downloads

The Walrus requires Python version 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, or 3.10. Installation of The Walrus, as well as all dependencies, can be done using pip:

pip install thewalrus

Compiling from source

The Walrus has the following dependencies:

You can compile the latest development version by cloning the git repository, and installing using pip in development mode.

$ git clone
$ cd thewalrus && python -m pip install -e .

Software tests

To ensure that The Walrus library is working correctly after installation, the test suite can be run locally using pytest.

Additional packages are required to run the tests. These dependencies can be found in requirements-dev.txt and can be installed using pip:

$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

To run the tests, navigate to the source code folder and run the command

$ make test


The Walrus documentation is available online on Read the Docs.

Additional packages are required to build the documentation locally as specified in doc/requirements.txt. These packages can be installed using:

$ sudo apt install pandoc
$ pip install -r docs/requirements.txt

To build the HTML documentation, go to the top-level directory and run the command

$ make doc

The documentation can then be found in the docs/_build/html/ directory.